First Fire, Then Light

First Fire, Then Light
Photo by Lucas Kapla / Unsplash

Friday's Fire & Light (a little heavy on the fire ❤️‍🔥)

Boundaries is the topic of this week. Drawing your own and then respecting them. Understanding other people have boundaries and respecting those as well.  

#1 I'd Rather Be Kind

A video story about kindness - which is not the same as being nice. A lesson I seem destined to learn over and over again. 🧐

F*** Nice. Be Kind.
Clarity is kind.

#2 Very Rarely Are People Trying to Be A**holes

I believe this with all my heart (and experience). People are walking around with so much baggage, they're bound to knock into things - and other people. I forget this sometimes - luckily my people remind me.

Expecting Assholes, Getting Assholes
Getting schooled by my teenage son - when you expect assholes, you’re going to get assholes.

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