And now for a little light

Fire & Light Best of the Week

And now for a little light
Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

Fire led last week, light fueled this week.

In January of last year, I realized I wanted my year to be filled with in person connection. Every chance I got to connect in person with people I love, I said yes. I got on planes and met people where they were. I put down work and met for coffee, lunch, walks. I didn't complicate it with sightseeing or schedules or timeline. The connection was all that mattered.  

The result were magical. Because I was focused on connection, connection happened constantly - even when I least expected it. Deep, meaningful, concentrated moments of connection. One after another after another.

This January, I'm discovering I want my year to be filled with AND. I write about it here:

AND: my 2023 North Star.

An example of AND in my life is the work I'm doing with law enforcement. In a million years, I never imaged I'd be attempting to evolve the culture of law enforcement but here I am. AND makes it possible.

Leaning into what lights me up.

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