You Have Enough to Begin

Use what you have and take the step right in front of you.

You Have Enough to Begin
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

I've been having conversations recently about how to make an impact in the world. For some, it feels too overwhelming to begin:

  • I need to test this or practice until it's perfect before I put it into the world;
  • I don't have all the steps figured out - or all the resources I need to do the whole thing;
  • I don't know how this is going to turn out yet.


What if you already have what you need to start? What if beginning was as simple as using what you have and taking the smallest step in front of you?

Derek Terrell Brown was born into a life filled with violence, drugs and poverty.

During one of the hardest moments of his life (homeless after being released from prison), he saw some kids on the street doing the same thing that had landed him in trouble. He challenged them to learn how to fight instead and had them doing jumping jacks within the hour. He promised them he'd be there the next day to train them and to his surprise, they all showed up and brought friends. He had no idea then, but that was the beginning of Boxing Out Negativity.

You don't need to know the outcome. That may not even be the point. Just begin.

What if you already have?