I’ve been in Massachusetts for a week alone working on the business of my business. 

  • Where can I do more?
  • Where can I make a bigger impact? 
  • How can I reach more people?
  • How can I help more people?
  • What else should I be doing?

It was exhausting, enlightening, confusing, reflective.

And then I went to a funeral. Actually, a beautiful, light-filled celebration of life. 

It’s not my place to share details but I left understanding three things for sure.

I’m saying them out loud just in case you need to hear them too.

  1. You are making an impact beyond what you can see. You are - I promise. 
  2. You are doing more good than you give yourself credit for. I am sure of it. 
  3. You - showing up as your full self - you are more than enough. 

This is the truth.