Favorite Moments

Favorite Moments
Photo by Anne Roche
No B.S. in Stinson Beach, CA

I mean... 🥲

It's hard to put into words what this past weekend meant for me.

A new friend asked me to name my favorite moment of the weekend.

"Just one?" I replied.

"Okay, three," she laughed.

  1. Watching a person hear - and really take in - the reflection from a group mirroring her power and light. And, conversely, watching a group hold mirrors to a person so she can see her power and light clearly.
  2. Watching a person own a possibility, a path forward, that was only a seed tentatively planted prior to saying it out loud and giving it oxygen.
  3. Being on the other side of the preparation and the doing of a project that took months of work and planning - and walking into learning, growing, and relief that my work is in the world and now belongs to others.

Huge shoutout to this group of extraordinary women - all of whom had to say no to something(s) in their life in order to say yes to themselves this weekend. You inspire me and I am deeply honored by your trust.