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I've got two big musical loves. U2 and Anderson .Paak.

Their music and their actions have inspired and fueled me. Together, their music is the soundtrack of my life.

Bono represents my fire (born with my fists up). Anderson .Paak represents my light (dance while I fight).

I was in Dublin, Ireland  (Bono's hometown) while Bono was promoting his latest project. Unable to resist, I did a deep dive and found...

This, this, this 👇

So much of this interview resonated with me:

Born with my fists up.

Yup. Check. ✔️ Came out the gate on fire.


This part. 👆 The hardest, most humbling lesson of my life. Letting go of trying to control what is uncontrollable.

That doesn't mean I don't fight - I do, especially for justice. But surrendering to an outcome, my expectation of an outcome - that has been a life changing choice. Surrendering has brought so much light into my life

I'm not a huge fan of idolizing people - who is so perfect they should be put on a pedestal? But I am a big fan of finding what resonates or inspires me about someone else's work or actions and then using that to take my own steps forward. These two do it for me.


"You know, if you - it is my drug of choice is doing really difficult things. And at a certain point in time, it just - just shut up and listen is kind of where I'm at at the moment."... "And when I say surrender totally, I do not mean making peace with the world. I'm not ready to make peace with the world. I'm trying to make peace with myself. I'm trying to make peace with my maker. But I am not trying to make peace with the world. The world is a very unfair - deeply unfair place. And I'm ready to rumble. I'm keeping my fists up for that one." Bono, U2