What the hell is Self Leadership?

What I mean when I talk about self leadership.

What the hell is Self Leadership?
Photo by Austin Chan / Unsplash

The word leadership is a buzzword used in business and the corporate world.

But I believe leadership starts with self.

We are all leaders of our own lives. In our families, in our communities, among our friends, and at work.

How you show up matters.

Before you get to leadership in business, or in life, you have to have an awareness of how you’re showing up -  and why.

What sets you off? When are you at your best? Where do you shine and what dims your light?

Understanding your part in it - which  is the only part you have control over - is critical.

Because when you understand how you’re showing up, you recognize that you have a choice to show up differently. In a way that serves you better. In a way that serves your family better, your company better, your career better, your life better.

And only when you do that can you change the outcome.