Photo by Park Troopers / Unsplash

I purposely don’t have the comments open on Fire & Light.

Engaging in comments, interacting with readers, feels like an easy place for me to hide. It’s fun spending time and energy connecting with people when sitting with myself and pulling stories out feels hard. I’m a master at hiding - turning off comments was a ninja move on my part to keep my feet to the fire.

And, frankly, my goal has always been not to create followers but to encourage people to lead themselves.

And yet.

I receive emails and texts and even face to face responses from people letting me know that my work has resonated with them in different ways. Or they'll ask questions helping me see deeper into my work. I don’t expect these responses but I am always deeply touched by them.

As my friend told me recently, “You say you don’t want a community. Well tough titties. You have one.”

Thank you. I’m grateful to be in community with you.