Photo by Anne Roche

Sometimes the thing I’m creating for others is the thing I need for myself. 

I made a card deck for past clients and workshop participants. There are three categories - Name, Reframe, Move Forward.

I’ve had people tell me they pull out random cards from all 3 categories and the questions they get feel like just the questions they needed to ask themselves to move forward.

Well, I’ve got some noise in my head these days. So I pulled out three cards from my own card deck to give me guidance.

Here’s what came up.

  • Name: What’s the real challenge for you here? 


  • Reframe: If growing pains mean you’re stretching, what are you stretching towards? What are you growing into? 

Mmm… 🤔

  • Move Forward: What is the opportunity here?

Ohhh! 💡

Lately, I’ve been having conversations around creating and honoring one’s own values in order to stay grounded in intentionality. 

Remember when I told you that sometimes the things we say to others are the things we need to hear ourselves? Things we’re asking ourselves but not realizing it?

It occurs to me that maybe I need to have that conversation with myself.

After all, it’s written in the cards.