Fire & Light Catchup

Fire & Light Catchup
Photo by virginia lackinger / Unsplash

It's been rainy and cold here in California. As a result, I find myself cozying up to lots of distractions. Here are the standouts:


The Woman King - a phenomenal movie and a rare example of a movie that gets better and better as it goes along. Viola Davis' acting is brilliant (per usual).


The Incredible Symphony of Things - Bayard Winthrop (my brother-in-law) and Mike Rowe talk passionately and thoroughly about the importance of the American workforce on Mike's podcast.


all about love by bell hooks - "Razing the cultural paradigm that the ideal love is infused with sex and desire, [bell hooks] provides a new path to love that is sacred, redemptive, and healing for individuals and for a nation."

The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Ben Zander - "Through uplifting stories, parables, and personal anecdotes, the Zanders invite us to become passionate communicators, leaders, and performers whose lives radiate possibility into the world."


  1. Seth Godin's 3 line blog on Leadership.

2.   And my favorite quote from my favorite movie series which has become my mantra on hard days:

"One step, one punch, one round at a time." Rocky Balboa in Creed, repeated by Adonis Creed in Creed III.

Enjoy! ❤️‍🔥