Yes Please, More Please, Now Please, You Please.

Yes Please, More Please, Now Please, You Please.
Photo by Jess Bailey / Unsplash

I was on a call recently with a business community I belong to and we were talking about how we serve our clients.

It quickly became clear that the more we honed in on who we wanted to work with - and who we didn’t, the easier the work became.

I liken it to a laser beam. Contain your energy into the sharpest point and direct it at the people who are ready.

Create boundaries to protect your energy. Communicate your boundaries to protect your clients.

The process is terrifying because it feels like sloughing off people who might be ready someday. And because turning away potential clients is always nerve-wracking - what if there aren’t any more?

But it turns out that when sharpen your point - being clear about what you do and why you do it and who it’s for - then you find those clients who say:

Yes, please,

More, please,

Now, please

You, please.