What If?

What If?
Photo by Oyemike Princewill / Unsplash

I was talking with a friend who was using a lot of words like “need” and “should” to describe how he felt about an upcoming trip. Distracted by loss, he was in full judgment towards himself and his mindset around time off.

I asked if I could make a suggestion.

“Yes,” he answered tentatively - I could see him preparing to receive more judgment. (After all, what you’re focused on is what you see).

“I’m noticing you're using words like ‘need’ and ‘should’. You’ve experienced a lot of loss recently. What if you gave yourself some grace? What if you sit in observation of what you are experiencing, instead of judging it?”

His head lifted, his shoulders dropped. Breaking into a grin he said, “That. That I can do.”

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself in order to step out of stress, out of reaction and into possibility.

What happens when I observe what I am experiencing instead of judging the experience - or how I’m experiencing it?