For optimal use, unplug from power.

The gorgeous view above The Oaks. Photo by Anne

I spent the past weekend in San Diego at my friend Enrika's amazing workshop. On the second day, while everyone else was cold plunging and doing yoga, I took a nap. Under a tree.

Although it was meant to be free time, I felt slightly guilty about missing out on activities the others had chosen to do together. But I knew in my bones I needed rest.

Do less. Be quiet. Unplug.

So I spread out a blanket under a tree and took a nap. 

I woke re-energized, full, complete, relaxed. Myself. 

And the rest of that day, I was fully present and engaged.

The next day, as I sat on the plane waiting to depart, the pilot announced he had to turn off the airplane for a few minutes. Due to a glitch, he was going to shut down the power, let the system turn off completely and then reboot. 

I laughed out loud thinking of my nap. 

Unplug from power and then reboot.

True for technology, true for airplanes, true for humans. 

The tree under which I slept.