Reconstructing culinary practices

Photo by David Nuescheler / Unsplash

I’m in a writing community and we meet every week to write together. 

Last week, we were catching up on our different projects and I mentioned that our friend Enrika had taught me the concept of containers. I break my work into containers which helps me not get overwhelmed.

My friend Michael said this reminded him of waffles. 

"How so?" I asked, perplexed. 

“You know how waffles have little squares and you can pour syrup into each square or over the whole thing?”

Well, that cleared up why I didn’t understand.

"I don’t eat waffles that way," I remarked casually. "I either fold them up like a taco or use them as the top and bottom of a sandwich. And almost always, peanut butter is the filling."


Yeah, I toast a waffle, smear it with peanut butter and then either fold it like a taco or top it with another toasted waffle. Gooey, melty peanut butter surrounded by crunchy warm waffle. Yum!

The group was astonished. Which made me astonished. Didn’t anybody else eat like that? Apparently not.

"I eat my cupcakes the same way," I kept going. "I take the bottom third off and place it on top of the filling. A cupcake sandwich."

Mouths dropped open. 

Again I was surprised. Doesn’t anybody else eat their cupcakes like that? Who wants to bite into frosting? 

"What else do you eat like that?" they asked.

"Well, pizza. I fold it like a taco (length wise) or - and this the the very best thing in the world - put two slices of different kinds of pizzas on top of each other and eat it like a sandwich (tip to tip, crust to crust, filling in the middle). You get an explosion of flavor between the crust - it’s delightful."

Now they were all laughing.

"Is there anything you don’t eat like a sandwich?" they asked.

I had to think about that.

"Um, sandwiches? I don’t actually eat sandwiches made of bread, come to think of it."

What do you do differently from others?

How do you know it’s different? 

What gives you the courage to go against the stream, to think outside the box?

Speaking of sandwiches, I did an interview with Bernadette Jiwa where we talked about weird school lunches. We could have a whole podcast dedicated to school lunches. What do you remember about school lunches?

I’m going to turn on comments so you can share your memories/stories here. ❤️