No B.S.

No B.S.
The No Bullshit Workshop by Anne Roche

Recently, I had the privilege of running my No Bullshit Workshop in-person for the first time.

I spent 4 months planning every detail.

I filled 3 days with powerful material and space to explore.

But the real magic happened because of the people who showed up.

These humans came ready to dig deep. And they did. And it was glorious.

Even more amazing was what they did for each other. They asked curious, thoughtful questions. They reflected back - without judgment - what they saw and heard in one another. They shared their deepest vulnerabilities and greatest desires. This extraordinary group of people - many of whom had never met - leaned all the way into possibility. Together. And they came out transformed because of it.

Yes, all the planning helped the weekend go smoothly.

Yes, the location was serene and the food delicious.

Yes, the workshop content was strong, powerful, and useful.

I mean, I crushed it. 💃 😏

But it was the humans connecting to each other, sharing stories, leaning into what becomes possible when we see the humanity in ourselves and others, that made the weekend beyond anything I could have imagined. Beyond anything I could have created by myself.

That is no bullshit.


The No B.S. Rockstars (minus one) 🤩
A beautiful spot to lean into possibility - together.

P.S. If you're interested in learning more about the No Bullshit Workshop, please email me at I am currently planning for a March 2024 workshop in California and an October 2024 workshop in Massachusetts.