All the Light we cannot see.

Perspective matters

All the Light we cannot see.

I’m sitting on the couch in my living room working on my computer. 

I look up and see a million diamonds sparkling - rain drops on every leaf brilliantly lit by the sun peeping out behind clouds. The world from my window looks bright and shiny and full of light. I feel energy run through me.

I take a deep breath, take it all in, then let my head drop towards my computer as I respond to a ding.

I look back up a second later thinking maybe I can catch the beautiful vision on my camera phone.

The magic's gone.

No light, no diamonds, no rain drops. Just dreary and dark and lifeless.

What just happened?

I’m confused for a moment. Have I imagined it? I stand up.

Oh right, I snicker at myself as I notice the clouds. It was just a fleeting moment. I thought that’s where we were right now - no more rain, just sunlight and promise.

I guess not.

I feel my mood shift downward when suddenly the clouds shift too and the world in my window lights up again.

Ah, of course. I smile as I laugh out loud at my foolishness. Beauty exists whether I see it or not.

Lit up

Two pieces lighting me up this week

A friend's generosity gave me the opportunity to re-read MLK Jr.'s Letter From Birmingham Jail. It refilled my heart with love and purpose. In his words, I am an "extremest for love".

Additionally this week, I was lucky enough to hear David Whyte who spoke about all roads leading to the conversation with yourself that you've never had. Listening to him, I felt as if he were articulating (in a beautiful, Irish, way) my soul. In his words, "May what is hidden in you be your gift to share."