Fire & Light: Playing with Others

2 items to get you through the long weekend

#1: What do soccer and listening have in common?

According to my friend Jodi Pickering, they're both skills one can learn. And once you learn how to listen, just like soccer, you get invited to play.  ⚽️  "Too often," says Jodi, "people describe listening as work when, really, it's just playing with others."

#2: More or Less?

I saw a video recently of Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl inviting a 10 year old kid on stage to play the guitar.

Now I don't know anything about Dave Grohl. Or about Colier Rule, the kid who totally slayed a Metallica song onstage.

But here's what I saw in that video. I saw a man who makes space for others. Who isn't focused on what he might be losing by sharing the stage  (and playing someone else's music) but rather by how much is created when we invite others to play.

Naturally, this video led me down a rabbit hole. And more amazing magic was found. Meet Nandi Bushell - a 12 year old British South-African girl who challenged Dave Grohl to a drum-off and the incredible result.

Turns out, there's more than enough space. No one knows everything but together, we know a lot. Truly, we are better together. ❤️

For more Nandi, check 👇 out. How awesome are young people!?!