Photo by Cristina Anne Costello / Unsplash

I'm a pretty organized person. When I'm on top of my game, I spend an hour or so on Sunday writing down everything I want to get done for the week and assign a day of the week to accomplish each goal. I put every appointment, every workout, every phone call, every task into my calendar, intentionally carving out time to think, to see family, to rest.

It works most of the time.

But every once in a while, there will be an item on my list that doesn't get crossed off - that gets moved to the next week. And then the week after that.

Sometimes it feels small - responding to a piece of correspondence for example. Sometimes it's big - like pushing go on a project.

The real work is not drilling down and getting that item crossed off.

The real work is leaning into to why I'm resisting doing it in the first place. What's really getting in my way? What do I not want to have to address? What's at the heart of what I've spent all week avoiding?

Because once I know that, getting it done is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.