Do The Hustle

Do The Hustle
Photo by Haley Lawrence / Unsplash

When I was in the 4th grade, my older brother held a disco party at our house. He was in the 8th grade and invited his group of friends. I was boy crazy, enamored of my popular brother, and beside myself at the prospect of having all the cool older kids in our house. 

The first to arrive was a quiet tall boy named Billy. He wore the same polyester shirt that my brother had on  - causing quite a stir between the two of them.

I’m pretty sure my younger sister and I were banned from the festivities (because I don’t remember much after the first arrivals), but Billy took pity on us. We were desperate to be included. So he taught us the Hustle before the party started.

Da da da da da datada da ta … do The Hustle!

Maybe he was looking to avoid a polyester fashion showdown with my brother. Maybe he was shy, and grateful to break the ice with an easier audience. Maybe he was just a natural born teacher - someone who saw another person’s eagerness to learn and shared what he knew. And maybe he was - even then - a natural born leader, creating a sense of belonging and possibility as he taught us the steps. 

I should ask him. I married that boy 18 years later.

Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony ~ The Hustle 1975 Disco Purrfection  Version

Just in case you want to learn it too...