Creating Trust

Creating Trust
Photo by Lucy Dunne / Unsplash

When I first met Warren and Scott, I didn't think of myself as a "club" person. I certainly didn't think I'd be boxing within two weeks of meeting them at the fitness club they created.

All I knew was that my knee hurt, my stability and mobility were declining, and I needed a place that would help me counteract the almost daily candy bar habit I was nurturing.

I found that and more.

Warren and Scott were so warm, so patient, and so excited about what they were building that I was caught up in their tide. But what really hooked me was how heart centered they both were. I wasn't totally sure what the outcome would be, but I knew I wanted to be part of whatever heart centered space they were creating. I trusted them completely.

My knee no longer hurts, I'm more agile than I've been in years, I've fallen in love with boxing, and, delightfully, I've found a community filled with people like me.