I always start with "ORATE". What's your word?

My sister and I were comparing notes on the New York Times puzzles. She began laughing at her frustrations over Connections and Wordle.

“It’s funny," she said, “how I can be looking at the words and not see a pattern at all. I get so stuck. Or I think they’ve made a mistake and if I just keep putting in the same word, it will fit. But it doesn't. And then all of a sudden, something happens and I see it differently. I pick it up at a later time or I look at it from a different angle and then, bam! there it is. It all makes sense.”

This is, of course, why I love my work as a life leadership coach.

Coaching is all about helping someone see something from a different angle. From a new perspective. So that they can move past - through - the thing they thought was an obstacle.  

When they get it, clients often say, “It’s so simple, why didn’t I see it before?!?” 

Sometimes you need help to see a puzzle in a new way.

Connections by Wyna Liu in the New York Times