Photo by Ambitious Studio* - Rick Barrett / Unsplash

“Just because something can be activated, doesn’t mean it should be activated.”

My trainer at the gym said these words the other day. We were talking about how I activate my quads instead of my glutes resulting in overuse and injury. But her words got me thinking about where else that might be true.

Just because I can doesn’t mean I should. 

What am I activating without realizing it?

  • Defensiveness
  • Action rather than reflection

What am I activating that doesn’t need to be activated?

  • Going into solution mode before ascertaining whether there’s a problem to be solved - much less whether I’m the right person to solve it.
  • Working out again rather than resting.

And the reverse is thought-provoking as well:

Just because something isn't activated doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

What haven’t I activated that can be activated? That I can try to activate? That might serve me more than what I'm already using?

Ok, for sure my glutes where the gym is concerned, but what else?


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