Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful
Photo by Toni Reed / Unsplash

Over the past few years, I've met heart centered leaders who create inclusive communities filled with love and possibility. Here are a few I'm feeling deeply grateful for this week.

#1 The Kindest Guys in Fitness

Scott and Warren started a gym and I discovered community, boxing, and friendship all in the same place. Because of these two, I have a ton of fun getting all my frustrations out so I can show up to my work centered and balanced.

What happens when you create a vision with trust and heart at the center? You exceed your wildest dreams. 💥

#2 Leading with Love and Faith

I'm not sure there is anybody who leads with love more than Teresa Goines. She started Old Skool Cafe - a youth run, jazz themed supper club - after working as a correctional officer and wanting more for the young adults coming out of incarceration.

Her story is incredible - here's an interview I did with her last season.  

Leading with love is more than possible - it's transformational. ❤️

#GivingTuesday is coming up. If you're so moved, it's a great place to give.

#3 Speaking of Giving...

Bithiah Carter is a force of nature. She's no bullshit and makes me laugh harder than most. And she firmly believes that understanding the stories of others helps us connect to all.

Feeling helpless, overwhelmed by terrible news, stuck on what you can do to help? Listen to Bithiah as she explains how everyone can lead - and give - from their seat.

#4 Grateful to all of you!

Thank you for walking beside me on this journey. Your presence here gives me hope and keeps me fueled. Deepest thanks. ❤️